Statistical Information

The participating insurance regulators across Canada have the authority under their respective insurance legislation to collect statistics from licensed insurers. Statistics are collected in a standardized format as identified in the Statistical Plan manuals and reporting templates as approved by regulators.
There are two mandatory statistical plans, as well as financial information collected by GISA:

Automobile experience data is collected to provide premium and claim information, which is used to develop and support fair automobile insurance rates. The statistical and financial data collected support the following public policy objectives:

Automobile insurance experience is published in a series of exhibits and reports which are compiled from data that has been collected from all licensed automobile insurers by GISA and contains experience for all participating jurisdictions.


Note: The collection of Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Statistical Plan (OSABSP) data was discontinued at the end of 2012. Insurers operating in Ontario were required to report statistics for automobile insurance accident benefits coverage, which was at a greater level of detail than the statistics captured under the ASP.



Ordering Reports

Reports or exhibits are prepared and published based on the statistical data collected. The reports present key insurance statistics. For information and access to the statistical information, please refer to the GISA Catalogue of Statistical Information, and complete the Product Order Form to order statistical information.

Click on the links to Key Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the statistical plan exhibits.


High Level Statistical Plan Data

Premiums and claims data for automobile insurance by coverage and by type of vehicle on an accident- year basis are presented in the Actual Loss Ratio (AU10, AU11) exhibits for Ontario, Alberta, Atlantic Provinces and the Territories. Widely used statistics from the Actual Loss Ratio exhibits have been captured in a graphical format for your information in Key Measures.

The Actual Loss Ratio exhibits for Private Passenger Automobile (AUTO1005), along with the Introduction (AUTO1003), can be accessed here:


Private Passenger Automobile -2014 Data


Introduction Module

Actual Loss Ratio Exhibits



AUTO1005-AB (2015)



AUTO1005-ON (2015)

Atlantic Provinces


AUTO1005-ATL (2015)





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